Life coaching

As a Life coach, I help you focus on what you want to do for a specific challenge in your life. Unlike other life coaches who might require a minimum four months commitment, my clients usually arrive at effective strategies and changes in four to eight weeks, depending on the nature of the situation. If after eight weeks you are still looking for Life Coaching, we can continue in that vein. For example, if you feel you’d like to look at other aspects of your life that we didn’t explore (like work or family), we can examine those next. But if you’re looking to explore more deeply the aspects of your life that are anxiety, unhappiness, or if you want to explore your past – in other words, if you are ready to explore your inner world – then we can transition to psychotherapy, which is longer term and is often covered by insurance.

How it Works
Coaching sessions are one hour in length, except for the first session which might last up to two hours. After the first session we meet once per week, with four sessions in the first month. They are conducted on the phone or Skype if you are outside of Seattle, or in person if you are in the Seattle area. I will gladly come to your office for coaching. Emails, phone calls and texts in between sessions that are less than ten minutes are included in the hourly fee.